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Spring Hill Supper Club, 28th August

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be cooking a seasonal summer supper at the beautiful little Spring Hill Cafe (pictured) on the canal by Springfield Park (not the Springfield Park Cafe) on the 28th August.

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Recipe: meadowsweet and cherry ice cream

I’ve just found a new ingredient that is currently rivaling my affections for elderflower – Meadowsweet (also known as mead wort)! Also a native wildflower and herb, it’s a part of the Rosaceae (rose) family and grows in damp meadows. Which means it’s everywhere in the marshes at the moment.

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Video: Wolfgang Puck shows me how to make buttermilk pancakes

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting superstar chef Wolfgang Puck, who was over in the UK visiting his steak restaurant CUT at the 45 Park Lane Hotel. Puck was born in Austria, but after spending time in Michelin-starred restaurants all over France, moved over to the States as a young…