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Valentine’s Video: Lily Vanilli’s Bleeding Heart Cake

Fancy trying something a bit different this Valentine’s Day? Well my friends, look no further than this show-stopping, brilliantly gory bleeding heart cake from the fabulous baker Lily Vanilli. I visited her Columbia Road bakery where she showed me how to create one of these bloodied (but delicious) heart cakes, which are, as I discovered, a lot easier to master than you might think. What could be more romantic than presenting a loved one with an actual heart cake, rather than a ‘heart shaped’ cake on this overly-commercial day of enforced romantic gesturing?

You need a couple of specialist bits for this, like the piping gel and red gel food colouring, but they are easy to come by. I love the fact that this is basically a pimped-up cupcake. What a brilliant antidote to the usually twee cupcakes we see. Here’s Lily’s recipe for how to make the red velvet cakes that form the center of this sweet treat, along with sharp berry coulis. Have a go and let me know how you get on. Oh, and have a bloody good Valentine’s Day!