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Video: Wolfgang Puck shows me how to make buttermilk pancakes

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting superstar chef Wolfgang Puck, who was over in the UK visiting his steak restaurant CUT at the 45 Park Lane Hotel. Puck was born in Austria, but after spending time in Michelin-starred restaurants all over France, moved over to the States as a young…

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Danish oyster boot camp (look away now if you don’t like oysters)

As you might have noticed from my rather oyster-centric Twitter feed, last week I spent a few days in Denmark snuffling out oysters. The trip coincided with Denmark’s Oyster Week – an event aimed at raising awareness about the country’s oyster production. We traveled to the Wadden Sea Centre (a UNESCO World Heritage Centre) in…

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Brooklyn Bites: Governor, DUMBO

I landed in JFK in the midsts of a fleeting tornado. But they didn’t tell us that on the plane: “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s some cloud, wind and rain over JFK at the moment so we’re going to hold off landing until it’s cleared a little bit. We’ll be coming down in about 15 minutes,…

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Nashville Nosh: The Catbird Seat

Sometimes when I mentioned to people that I was going on holiday to Nashville their eyes would glaze over. “Why would you go to Nashville? It’s known as ‘Nash Vegas,’” said the girl I met while eating some surprisingly good sushi at Charlotte airport during the wait for my connecting plane. People think it’s all…

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Audio: Angela Hartnett and Gabrielle Hamilton in conversation

A couple of weeks ago I had the serious career highlight of being sent by Nowness.com to cover Angela Hartnett and New York chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s collaboration as part of the ‘Girls Night Out’ cooking series – a celebration of six of the world’s best female chefs. You can read about that, and see some…

Fishy Æbleskiver at Noma
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Noma: a video

I have a very shameful confession to make. Last summer I went to Noma in Copenhagen – René Redzepi’s temple to New Nordic cuisine which currently holds the ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ accolade – and enjoyed one of the most delicious and extraordinary meals of my life. And I didn’t blog about it. Not…

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Peter Gilmore’s Coral Garden on Nowness.com

I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Australian chef Peter Gilmore for Nowness.com. We talked about the making of visual artists Chayka Sofia‘s wonderful video of his ‘Coral Garden’ dish, which is a culinary translation of the undulating splendour of the coral reef. I love writing for Nowness because their content is always original,…

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My new favourite place: Ducksoup

Believe the buzz. Ducksoup – and I’m not talking about the 1933 Marx Brothers film – is the shizzle. Or at least, it was when I lunched there last week – packed tightly into my rickety wooden chair on the tiny, jewel box ground floor of Soho’s latest small plates restaurant. As I dashed inside, out of the freakish heat,…