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Restaurant crush: Lardo

The food at Lardo is so good, that I found myself chowing down on a radicchio, gorgonzola and walnut pizza about an hour after eating a HUGE bowl of nduja pasta and raspberry jelly at home, like it was the most normal thing in the world. I know. I’d popped in for a ‘drink’ with…

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Brooklyn Bites: Governor, DUMBO

I landed in JFK in the midsts of a fleeting tornado. But they didn’t tell us that on the plane: “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s some cloud, wind and rain over JFK at the moment so we’re going to hold off landing until it’s cleared a little bit. We’ll be coming down in about 15 minutes,…

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Nashville Nosh: Mas Tacos Por Favor

One of my favourite things about being in the US is having access to really incredible, authentic Mexican food. During last year’s trip to LA I feasted on birria (stewed goat’s meat) at Carnitas Michoacan in Lincoln Heights, which you can read about here in my LA Cheap Eats piece for Futurespace magazine. On this…

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ALOHP roams: The Dylan, Amsterdam

A matter of months ago, I had never been to Holland. This how now been remedied, and thanks to a fine twist of work-related fate, I’ve actually just been there twice in the past month. On both trips, I had the good fortune of being a guest of the Dylan boutique hotel in Amsterdam. As…

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Letter from Argentina: empanadas, asado and A LOT of wine

In November I was taken on a press trip by Wines of Argentina. Lucky, lucky me. Over the course of six days I would explore a country I’d been lusting over for years, meet some lovely fellow journalists and wine folk, and drink more Malbec than a City boy with a drink problem. The overriding…

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My new favourite place: Ducksoup

Believe the buzz. Ducksoup – and I’m not talking about the 1933 Marx Brothers film – is the shizzle. Or at least, it was when I lunched there last week – packed tightly into my rickety wooden chair on the tiny, jewel box ground floor of Soho’s latest small plates restaurant. As I dashed inside, out of the freakish heat,…

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Spuntino: when old and new Soho collide

“This is real, old Soho,” says Russell Norman as he leans on the bar of Spuntino. Through the window, just across the way, neon signs for ‘DVD Extra XXX’ and ‘£2 Peep show’ are offering the sort of entertainment that Soho was famous for long before Norman stormed the district, redefining London dining with his boutique…

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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

The buzz surrounding Heston Blumenthal’s first London restaurant, Dinner, which opened on the 31st of January, has been Brobdingnagian in its proportions. Early reviews from Giles Coren and Matthew Fort rhapsodised about its brilliance, and the morning that I visit The Sun has published an article by Alex James that calls the food at Dinner “the best I’ve…