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NEWS! East London Food is out

We wanted something that reflected East London and its very particular, very unique food heritage. It had, we quickly realised, to reflect East End food both old and new, as this area has always had its own sense of culinary identity

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Spring Hill Supper Club, 28th August

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be cooking a seasonal summer supper at the beautiful little Spring Hill Cafe (pictured) on the canal by Springfield Park (not the Springfield Park Cafe) on the 28th August.

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Porky pasta with green tomatoes, kale and preserved lemon

I made my makeshift porchetta (pork belly infused with herbs and spices, wrapped around the loin and slow roasted) for friends the other night, and we had sufficient leftovers to warrant making a whole other meal out of it. That said, the porchetta on its own wasn’t quite enough for two, so I turned to my favourite pasta shape trofie: short little twists from Liguria, usually served with pesto Genovese – to bulk it out.